How Voice Search Optimization Will Blow Up Your Business

Voice search optimization is no doubt one of the hottest topics in the digital world in 2021, but is your website ready? If you are a business owner with an online presence, then you might want to continue reading this because chances are if you don’t make your website voice search ready then you might finish the race last!

A survey has revealed that mobile voice search is being used by around 27% of the Earth’s population globally. This is supported by the fact that big tech companies have taken bold decisions in Search & Natural Language Processing and have given us some amazing advancements as outcomes.

What is voice search optimization?

In simple terms, Voice SEO is optimizing keyword phrases and keywords for searches that will be done through voice assistants on the internet. The most common voices searches are about directions and navigations. So if you have a business on the internet, then you should register your business on the listing of service providers including Google My Business among others to make your business show on Google maps and search. Google My Business is a free tool in case you were wondering.

With the help of voice search optimization, you don’t have to read through the cooking instructions while preparing a new recipe and instead, you could look up and hear the recipe through Voice search. It is that simple and easy!

History of Voice Search ad Recognition

Bell Laboratories designed the first voice search in the year 1952 and named it the Audrey System. Audrey System was programmed to recognize digits spoken by a singular voice. In the early 1960s Shoebox was developed by IBM which was programmed to respond and recognize to 16 English which included the English digits from 0 to 9. Dragon Dictate was designed after years of advancement in the field and in 2011 Apple launched Siri following which Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and Google’s Voice Search also made it to the business.

Facts related to Voice Search Optimization

Let’s talk about facts and statistics related to Voice SEO, starting with the fact that around 50% of internet users depend on voice search to research and gather information about products and services. While 40% of adult internet users depend on voice search every day for their daily needs and requirements.

The global smart speaker is also a game-changing advancement relevant in the Voice Search industry and had the highest number of sales in 2019 with a whopping 147 million units that were sold across the world.

Why is Voice SEO trending?

One of the main reasons why Voice SEO is trending and popular among internet users is because it makes their day-to-day lives easier and helps them to gather information swiftly. It is also easy for those who find typing inconvenient for whatever reason it might be. Lastly, it allows people to multitask at once and get a lot more work done every day.

For example, if you are finding it difficult to remember the directions to your dentist’s office, then you can call for directions through voice search by just speaking to your Smartphone even while driving. Although it is not recommended at all for safety reasons, you can still find directions without wasting time on calling people or asking people on the streets for directions.

Why should your business have voice search optimization?

Personalization of your business

It is one of the most customized ways to provide your customers both existing and potential ones to present their requirements. Voice recognition and Search optimization have made that very easy for both parties. Website owners can take the help of Voice Artificial Intelligence to develop customized conversations that will provide results to both the website party and the customers.

More customer reach.

One of the primary reasons why all business owners are focusing on Voice Search Optimization in 2021 is because it helps them to get more customer reach. Several surveys have revealed that roughly in a month around a billion voice searches take place. if we are to consider the 2021’s world then every internet user is using voice search from time to time. No doubt it is becoming a tradition which will be followed in the coming years too. If you are a business owner and you haven’t made your website voice search optimized yet, then imagine the number of potential leads and traffic you will be missing out on.

People save a significant amount of time

Compared to typing, internet users save a lot of time by using voice recognition instead because it can capture speech swiftly. When you are looking for strategists to help your website in becoming voice search optimized you are automatically connecting to professionals who will provide you with insights that will help you to generate more leads in less amount of time.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization

Whenever an internet user is using the Voice Search option, their device will automatically gather all the information relevant to their search and will even show them Snippets. Make sure your website is not only optimized but also snippet-worthy. To do so, ensure your website has direct content which can be the answer to the questions asked by users who share the same niche.

If your website is not yet, Voice SEO ready then dive right into it to not miss any more opportunities.

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