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Chatbots have taken over the internet for a couple of years now. Given how chatbots are the best evidence to suggest Artificial Intelligence is growing only to make lives convenient, we are going to talk about chatbots and how they are a blessing for businesses.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application that is used to allow online conversation with real people. With a chatbot, you will feel like you are talking to a human being but it is really artificial intelligence doing its magic. Chatbots can stimulate human conversation both via texting and over-call. They are designed to answer simple queries or redirect users to real manpower when they come across complicated questions. Chatbots can be programmed to provide extremely personalized service as they provide service along with continuously evolving by gathering data.

Chatbots- from Eliza to Alexa

For those who are not yet aware of the history of chatbots, you will be fairly surprised to know about the first chatbot. The first chatbot was developed in the laboratory of MIT by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum in the year 1966. It was named ELIZA but it was only in the year 2009, that the Chinese company called WeChat took the initiative to develop a more enhanced chatbot, and thereafter, WeChat has been reaching new highs very frequently. Their platform has helped innumerable online business owners to conveniently engage with their customers through these simple chatbots.

Although there are plenty of other companies which provide enhanced and smarter chatbots, the classic still never goes out of style!

How do chatbots work?

There are two categories of chatbots available in the market, one that is developed by hard-coded questions and answers and the other which is enhances itself with the help of machine learning. hardcoded chatbots have a limited development scope and are quite rigid compared to their machine learning counterpart. Hard-coded chatbots can only answer those questions which have been fed to it, i.e. the questions that are corresponding to their programming will be answered by this type of chatbot.

On the contrary, chatbots developed to understand natural language will get enhanced and more efficient with every interaction. Even though they are complex and you might have to invest a little more but the result will be pure convenience and efficiency. You don’t have to worry about your chatbot unable to comprehend new queries made by the customers when you are investing in a machine learning-powered chatbot.

Benefits of chatbots for your online business

Chatbots are the real deal and are all about the benefits that they provide to business owners for their business’s online route. They are not only efficient but also are a smart investment in the long run. If you are a business owner you can cut on your manpower and financials by investing in a chatbot. We have summarized the benefits of investing in a chatbot and how will it affect your business’s online presence and help to get positive customer reviews.

They represent your brand

Since chatbots are designed to interact with people on the internet who come to your website with queries, they are your company’s representatives. Chatbots have personalities which is a determining factor of whether the user experience will be positive or negative. You have to ensure you are programming your chatbot according to your company’s vision and mission.

They are available at all times

We all love ourselves some customer service that is waiting to cater to our needs and not the other way around. So, when you are investing in a chatbot, you are making sure your customers are finding their needs being catered to immediately. You don’t have to worry about the chatbot being overworked when you invest in one because they are programmed just to provide immediate assistance to people who have come to your website for help.

They help to increase your sales revenue

A survey has suggested that after investing in a chatbot, the sales have gone up to 67% because the company is available at all times to answer queries and cater to grievances. This also helps to receive increased customer satisfaction. Since chatbots are the best conversational marketing strategy, they are more effective in getting customer reviews than the classic customer survey form strategy. They are similar to everyday human conversations if not more.

They record every customer interaction

One of the reasons why chatbots are becoming popular is due to their ability to record every customer interaction for a future relevance. This helps the companies to have a track of every interaction that is taking place between your company’s representative and customer. This also serves as physical evidence in case there is any fraudulent claim on the company by any customer.

They are affordable compared to long term employment

Instead of hiring manpower as customer support, when you are investing in a chatbot, even though your initial investment will seem to be on the higher end of the scale with time it will become more affordable than keeping permanent employment as a customer support service. Even though you have to employ customer service executives but your company will do just fine with a handful of them and instead of a group. You will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

Verdict Chatbots are here for a long show, they are smart, affordable and just the right technological help businesses need to manage their customers worldwide. For more such blogs, keep following Webalar and check out our services here.

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