5 Secrets to Website Growth

If your business’s online presence has not been doing well lately, then you might want to reconsider the areas where you are putting in efforts. To have your target audience visit your website and avail the products and services offered by your business, you need to build an easily navigable website. In addition to that surveys have revealed that over 90% of internet users do not purchase from individual websites to purchase or avail products and services. To change that website experts are recommending business owners to put efforts into website designing and development. In case you want to know what makes a website great, then here are 5 secrets that will help you in growing your website in the long run.

Secrets that will allow your website to grow.

The key to the growth of any website is to understand that anyone from across the world could view your website. So you have to build a website that reflects your brand and what your business stands for

Search engine optimization.

SEO is responsible for bringing in organic website traffic and also increase the rank of your website. Search engine optimization considers every aspect of your website right from internal links to strategic titles and fitting graphics. So to boost the SEO of your website, invest your time and efforts in Meta descriptions, keywords, and relevant tags along with unique website visits and website shares. In case the SEO algorithm is confusing you, then you might want to hire a professional for the content.


One of the key elements that will contribute to your website’s growth is efficient navigation. Do not make your website unnecessarily complicated for people. Have a website that can be used by people who happen to have basic internet skills. Break your website into multiple pages, add navigation menus and make sure to use simple English which can be comprehended by people from any corner of the world.

Aesthetic and design.

The moment an internet user opens your website, make sure your website makes a positive impression on the person. Go for fonts that are easy to understand in addition to light backgrounds which have dark-colored fonts. Make sure to add alt tags to the images so that people can find your website through search engine results. Don’t go for stock images instead get designed photos for your website. You can hire a graphics designer for that.

Social media.

Invest your time, effort, and money in your business’s social media presence. Make your website social media ready so that people can share the products and services via different social media platforms. Post relevant information on your social media platforms so that you can establish your dominance and expertise in your relevant niche..

Make your website mobile ready.

Studies have revealed that more than 50% of website traffic comes from internet users who use mobile as their gadgets. This is one of the main reasons to create a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not loading properly on your target audience’s mobile phones then your website will not receive any traffic..

To conclude, do not overlook website development and content if you want to conduct business on the internet..

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Moitree Sarkar

Content Writer at Webalar